YCN x The Artisan Drinks Company

YCN Competition Entry Work


To raise awareness of a new emerging company, Artisan Drinks, to audiences across the UK and in Australia.



Each of Artisan Drink's flavours are identified by a significant character. To raise awareness of the brand I wanted to encourage a unique style of interactivity to put targetted consumers in teh shoes of the ARtisan characters.



Creating a 'You are Artisan' campaign using digital AR technology on billboards and social media apps enabled  audiences to trasnform into the characters themselves.  It focused on  interactivity and personalisation, designing billboards that mirrored the actions of pedestrians and creating an experience that they could take away with them on their mobile devices.

By scanning the Snapchat QR codes on public billboards, they could unlock the filter of the Artisan character on their Snapchat app and bring Artisan along with them wherever they go.