District 34

Branding and Print Design


District 34

District 34 are a team of real estate professionals that help young adults in London, in their 20s and 30s, with home ownership. 


Raising awareness of District 34 by producing business cards and visuals for their merchandise. Attention to maintaining their conversational tone of voice and a certain level of absurdity. Uncomfortable graphic illustrations are significant in representing the company's slogan, 'Renting isn't normal'.


Maintaining their youthful and creative identity by embracing their vibrant colour scheme and the graphic characters that represent their company.

Solution: Business cards 

A variation of business card designs that integrate their logo with 'the eye', a District 34 identifier.  Intended to accentuate their dynamic identity and tone of voice.

Solution: Merchandise

Strange and unusual visual identity that further emphasise the irrationality of paying rent for a home that is yours.