Bonsai Collective

Identity & Branding


To work in a team to create the brand identity and promotional material of a design company.

Our Identity

Our collective aim was to create an identity that clients could trust, an identity that reflected the quality of our work and our values as a designers. Using the symbolism of Bonsai, delicacy and stability, the tree represents our aim to pay attention to detail and the growing success of our work.

Spreading ink droplets became our visual identity as the elegance and delicacy of their movement  in water resembled the shape of a bonsai tree and reflected our calm and collected attitude towards design.

instagram image_edited.jpg

Our Logo

Our logo was representative of the balance, symmetry and simplicity symbolised by the Bonsai Tree. Teal was the identified colour of our brand because we believe it connoted the serenity and harmony of the Bonsai Tree, the same values we aim to be associated with as designers.


Our Promotional Material

We significantly focused on simplicity and began by creating tea packaging to demonstrate  our influence of Japanese culture which is where the symbolism of  the bonsai tree originates from.

We decided that our design team would focus on working with brands that celebrate culture and the elegance of nature.

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